High Five

Lego Renault 5 Turbo Group B

Renault are finally on a bit of a roll at the moment, after years of making rubbish. Back in the ’80s they were on a bit of a roll too, and this was the highlight, the mad Renault 5 Turbo Group B rally car. This one’s been built by Jonathan Elliott of Flickr and you can see more at his photostream here.

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2 thoughts on “High Five

  1. AbFab1974 says:

    Dear Legocarblog,

    You might be interested by my 205 T16 project published recently on the Lego Idea Website.

    I’d invite you to have a look at my other car projects (moira, EB110, Diablo, F40…) all in a Speed Champions size.

    Feel free to share wider, this will help them to gain further exposure and maybe become a reality one day

    All the best


    • Hello AbFab

      Thanks for your message.

      We like your builds very much! If built in real bricks, and uploaded to Flickr, MOCpages or another creation-sharing site, we would definitely consider blogging them. Let us know if that can happen!

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team


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