Cream Tea

Lego Vintage Roadster

This glorious vintage roadster by Flickr’s Galaktek was discovered by one of our Elves today, and we’re pretty sure it is absolutely not their cup of tea. Smooth, restrained, classy… literally none of the qualities that our Elven workforce would choose in a vehicle. But the discovering Elf knows its masters rather well, because it is absolutely our cup of tea. TLCB Staff are a civilised bunch you see.

Lego Vintage Roadster

Unusually coloured in cream and tea hues, Galaktek’s roadster looks the perfect car in which to take a jaunt to the country club for a, well… cream tea. The closest this TLCB writer is going to get to that vision is drinking a can of Red Bull alone in the stationary cupboard, so whilst he partakes in a slightly tragic but harmless fantasy you can check out more of Galaktek’s model at his photostream via the link above.

Lego Vintage Roadster

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