Jaguar Jigsaw

Lego Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar’s iconic E-Type was described by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful car in the world. We’d have to agree (in its early form at least), but that sure does make it a tricky thing to build from rectangular plastic bricks.

Lego Jaguar E-Type

Flickr’s Lennart C has given it a go though, and he’s made as good a job of the classic Jaguar’s incredible curves as we’ve seen at this scale. Lennart has deployed some magnificently complicated techniques to create his E-Type Coupe, with the roof in particular boggling our minds here at The Lego Car Blog. It’s a great build underneath too, with the front clamshell opening to reveal a superbly replicated Jaguar straight-6 engine.

Lego Jaguar E-Type

There’s more of Lennart’s excellent E-Type to see at his photostream – make the jump to Flickr via the link above to view all the photos.

2 thoughts on “Jaguar Jigsaw

  1. Victor Kulaszewski

    Ok, first off, this is amazing!!!!
    Ok I would really like to find out how to get this model.
    This (only maroon, don’t remember which one, but will find out) is the car my dad loved when I saved everything he had until he graduated, and he bought his neighbor’s’67 E-Type. It was such a beautiful car, always garage kept, amazingly beautiful work of art, with less than 30k miles when my medical issues came Up when I was in my teens, my dad sold his car.
    Now, I really really would love to do this for my dad, he has had health issues as of late, he couldn’t build one of these for him. I also have recently been diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I cant do much anymore, but I can still build lego!!!!!!
    Anyways, I’m sorry to dump all this on you, a stranger, but seeing this iconic build, now I don’t get “online” much anymore because of my issues, so here’s my phone [No. Removed]
    Please txt me, I have a hard time speaking.
    Thank you very much for listening, I really hope you have a great day, and stay safe.

    1. thelegocarblogger Post author

      Hello Victor

      Thanks for your message.

      We’ve deleted your phone no. as it’s probably best not to have it published on the internet, but we’ve got your email address from the comment set-up so we’ll message you there : )

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team


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