LEGO Creator 10262 Aston Martin DB5 ‘Goldfinger’ | Set Preview

Lego 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

“We’ve installed some rather interesting modifications…” Q-Branch certainly had, and in doing so created probably the most famous movie car of all time, James Bond’s wonderful 1964 Aston Martin DB5 ‘Goldfinger’.

After months of teasing LEGO have finally revealed their newest addition to the Creator line, following the Routemaster Bus, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Camper and others. Constructed from 1,295 pieces, the band new 10262 Aston Martin DB5 set is officially licensed by both Aston Martin and the James Bond franchise, measures around 30cm long, and yes, it includes those rather interesting modifications!

Lego 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The 10262 Aston Martin DB5 model continues the detailed exterior focus set by its Creator Expert predecessors and features a few special elements to help achieve the visual realism required, including some new printed tiles and excellent wire wheels – which we’re sure are going to pop up on MOCs all over the place following the set’s release later this year.

Under the hood is a replicated straight-6 engine, there’s a faithfully recreated interior, and the doors and trunk open too. But of course, those aren’t the best features…

James Bond’s essential options start with rotating license plates for dodging speed cameras, a hidden telephone in the door, and a bullet shield, which raises from the trunk lid as per the real car. If 007 is the one firing the bullets a quick pull on the gear lever deploys the front wing mounted machine guns, which as per Q’s invention are hidden beautifully behind the indicator lights. Next those neat wire wheels can become rather more pointy, as tyre slashers extend to dispose of any unfortunate henchmen sent in pursuit.

Finally of course there’s Q’s finest work, fitted to the DB5 principally for removing a henchman that has entered the car, but also useful for expelling irritating friends, side-seat drivers, and nagging spouses. Pull the rear bumper and the DB5’s famous passenger ejector seat fires into action, sliding the roof neatly back as it does so.

Lego 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The beauty of LEGO’s newest Creator set is that – just like Bond’s actual car – all of those goodies are completely hidden inside the body, which shows not a hint of the deviousness within. That makes this probably the most playable Creator set yet and the perfect motoring icon to recreate in LEGO form.

The 10262 Aston Martin DB5 set is aimed at ages 16+ (which highlights the complexity within it) and is expected to cost around $150/£130 when it goes on sale on August 1st. It’s going to be a hit.

13 thoughts on “LEGO Creator 10262 Aston Martin DB5 ‘Goldfinger’ | Set Preview

  1. James

    Exterior wise it completely fails to capture the elegant lines of the real DB5, this is a really poorly executed model from Lego and should be recalled and redesigned so that it actually looks like a DB 5. Lego should be ashamed of itself for unleashing this abomination on the world

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