Hasbro Hovercraft

This TLCB Writer was never allowed an ‘Action Man’ (or G.I. Joe to most of you). Deemed as too violent, Lego was the alternative, which is fortunate as otherwise you might not be reading this post.

MadLEGOman of Flickr was allowed G.I Joe toys though, having owned this magnificent hovercraft as a kid. Now an adult of sorts, Mad has recreated one of his favourite childhood toys in Lego form, complete with mini-figure-manned machine guns, cannons, and rocket launchers. Perhaps my Mom had a point.

There’s more to see of Mad’s G.I. Joe hovercraft at his photostream – click the link above to make the jump! If your Mom lets you…

1 thought on “Hasbro Hovercraft

  1. Jack

    Actually my mom was vehemently against me ever getting anything GI Joe for a long time. (Ironically she was fine with Star Wars, but she was terrified Me getting GI Joe toys would automatically lead me to becoming a soldier -which I never did. But for my mom, it was kind of like building a sand castle with the tide coming in when every other birthday present from all my friends and relatives was a Joe toy.


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