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Lego Teddy Bear Mech

This is a teddy bear-controlled mech, because… well, do you need a better reason? Priovit70 owns the mind that’s equipping stuffed carnivoran mammals with walking robots, and this one is apparently a Cabearpillar Power Loader B-948X prototype. Whatever, there’s more to see of this bear-in-a-mech-suit at Priovit’s photostream via the link above!

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Remote Control

Normally a mixture of Elves and remote control vehicles heralds chaos and destruction across The Lego Car Blog’s offices. Fortunately this excellent model from Arran Hearn lacks the Power Functions that our workforce require for “fun”. It’s left to us to enjoy the look of the build and neat connections that make its shock absorbers. As well as the control unit in the background of the photo, Arran has built a full-sized radio control unit in Lego. Click on the link in the text to see Arran’s work or click here for today’s British pop song in the title.

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Hot Wheels

Lego Hot Wheels Toys

These, Ladies and Gentlemen (OK, probably mostly gentlemen) are the most realistic Lego replicas that you may ever see.

They’re not replicas of real vehicles of course, but of three wonderful die-cast Hot Wheels toys from way back in the 1970s. Lego builder Brick Flag of Flickr recently decided to recreate his favourite model cars from his childhood, and in doing so he may have built the most accurate-to-life Lego models of the year.

Hot Wheels launched their die-cast vehicles ‘Ramblin’ Wrecker’, ‘Emergency Squad’ and ‘Fire Eater’ between 1975 and 1977, and now 40 years on Brick Flag has faithfully rebuilt the iconic toys so brilliantly that in some photos it’s hard to tell whether you’re looking at the metal original or the plastic replica.

There’s more to see of each beautifully stickered build, as well as the 40-year-old original which inspired it, at Brick Flag’s photostream – Cick here to take a trip to a bedroom floor circa ’77.

Lego Hot Wheels Toys

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Drift Trike

Lego Drift Trike

We have a well documented nervousness about child’s tricycles here at TLCB, but this one is so cool even we’d have a go. Flickr’s Rhys’ Pieces has used just a handful of Lego elements to create this most excellent drift trike. See how he’s done it at the link above.

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‘Allo ‘Allo ‘Allo*

Lego Bobby Car

‘What’s going on ‘ere then?’*. Feast your pork pies* on Mijasper’s Bobby-Car vs. bobby* encounter! See if it’s all a giraffe* on Flickr here. Our money’s on the copper*.

*Apologies to non-British readers of this post. None of this will make any sense!

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Cozy Coupe

Lego Little Tyke Cozy Coupe

We post all sorts of exotic vehicles here at The Lego Car Blog. From super cars to tanks, if it goes fast or explodes it seems to get the Elves’ attention. This though, is probably the most important car we’ve ever blogged. Why? Because it’s probably the one car every single one of us has had a go in!

The Little Tyke Cozy Coupe is a right of passage for any toddler, either at home, pre-school or at a well-heeled friend’s house. Reminisce on Flickr courtesy of Legohaulic.

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Mini RC

Lego RCKeeping the Elves quiet yesterday for Armistice Day was quite a feat. A game of ‘who can stay quiet the longest’, rewarded with Smarties, did the trick. Today though, normal service resumed; but now that the Elf fight has been broken up and the small fire extinguished, we’re ready to post!

This funky little model RC car by Flickr’s LegoJalex is a bit smaller and simpler than the stuff we usually publish, but looks so good we had to recognise it here. The Elves love RC cars too, but as the second-highest cause of Elf work-related injuries this year we’re relieved this one is a model only. See it on Flickr at the link above.

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