Return of the Mav

This is an F/A-18 Super Hornet, and it is definitely not a car. But it is awesome, and it comes from Lennart Cort, who has recreated Maverick’s training aircraft from the upcoming Top Gun 2 movie in beautifully smooth fashion. There’s more of Lennart’s F/A-18 to see on Flickr – head into the skies over the Navada desert via the link above.

3 thoughts on “Return of the Mav

      1. Purple Dave

        I mean, it’s not an inaccurate representation, at least not for that scale. I just looked up pictures, and the only significant differences in the color scheme appear to be the angle of the vertical stripe on the tail, the absence of a second stripe, and the absence of whatever the circular symbol is in the center of the tail. This, however, is clearly done without the use of stickers, so brick-built detail carries significant limitations and can be a lot more challenging to pull off.

        However, as accurate as the colors are (and, I mean, they look spot on, like the movie used LEGO parts as their color swatches), in LEGO form they really do read differently for some reason. I don’t think the physical parts exist to angle the tail stripes, but I suspect it’s that sharp 90 degree angle, and the fact that it’s the exact shade of blue used for the Ideas set, that invokes the TRON image.


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