Chocolatey Contraband

The humble Kinder Suprise egg – one part tasty Italian chocolate, one part crappy plastic toy – is illegal in the United States. Appalling animal welfare and firearms are fine though.

Fortunately for our American readers, the Kinder contained in the back of this superb Scania 1-Series truck and trailer by Vladimir Drozd is all tasty Italian chocolate and no crappy plastic toy (which is the way we prefer it), so you can have munch too.

Recreated in 1:22 scale, Vladimir’s beautifully detailed Scania includes Power Functions remote control drive and steering, suspension on all wheels, and an automatic trailer hitch.

There are more top quality images of Vladimir’s Kinder delivery truck available to view at his Flickr album, and you can find full build details and a link to building instructions at the Eurobricks forum here.

Take look via the links above whilst we work on our elaborate plan to smuggle deadly Kinder Suprise eggs into the U.S inside some harmless assault rifles.

1 thought on “Chocolatey Contraband

  1. Purple Dave

    Kinder Eggs are no longer illegal in the US. Well, the kind you’re used to probably still are, but there are legal versions that don’t kill kids by choking them on little plastic toys hidden inside chocolate treats. The US-approved Kinder eggs are an egg-shaped, plastic, 2-part outer shell, and inside is a half-egg made of chocolate on one side, and some sort of safety-compliant prize on the other. I’ve never tried one, so I have no idea what the prizes are like.

    I did, however, try the Kinder candy bars, but you can get a lot more chocolate that tastes about the same for a lot less money if you stick to whatever’s available in the checkout aisle.


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