Jurassic Re-Boot

Hollywood loves a reboot. Cue ‘Top Gun, Maverick’, ‘Fast and Furious 10’, anything with ‘Star Wars’ in the title, and ‘Jurassic World’. That said, a genetically-modified dino-weapon running amok in a theme park is a winner in TLCB Office. Because we’re 6.

Also rebooting a dinosaur-based classic is chriselliott.art, whose marvellous vintage half-ton ute inspired by the 5975 ‘T-Rex Transport’ Adventurers set was suggested to us by a reader.

Clever techniques, gorgeous presentation, and a conspicuously absent T-Rex can all be seen at Chris’ photostream. Click the link above to reboot.

1 thought on “Jurassic Re-Boot

  1. Chris Elliott

    Admittedly, I was too lazy to buy or design/build a T-Rex just for the photo, LOL. Thanks for the feature! Made my day. 🙂 Maybe next time I do one of these, I’ll actually include a dinosaur.


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