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Holden HJ

Lego Holden HJ Ute

Being unfamiliar with Australia’s (now deceased) domestic car market, at first glance we thought this was a bastardised Volvo. It turns out that it is in fact a Holden HJ ute (sorry Australian readers!), built from the early to the mid ’70s, and available with a huge 5 litre V8 engine. It’s about as Australian as a hat with corks on it, and this delightfully studdy Lego version has been constructed by serial bloggee Senator Chinchilla.

There’s opening doors, a dropping tailgate and an opening hood – underneath which is a working V8 mounted to a functioning gearbox. There’s more to see on Flickr at Senator’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump down under.

Lego Holden HJ Ute

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Brute of a Ute


The LUGNuts group on Flickr is currently holding a dragster contest and Lino Martins has produced a souped-up ute in response. The “ute” is a classic vehicle of the Australian outback, like the pick-up in North America or the camionetta in South America. Holden still produce utes, despite having been subsumed into the General Motors empire. With an engine of 6.2l available as standard, we don’t think that you’d need to do much to make a great drag-racer of this car. It’s also the only car manufacturer’s website that we’ve visited with a button to press just listen to the engine noise. Click here to see Lino’s ute at full size and click here to hear the roar of its modern counterpart.


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Men At Work

Lego Holden Ute

This classic Holden one-ton ute is probably the most Australian thing this side of a hat with corks. But they don’t have wheels so this’ll have to do. Plus it’s also allowed us to write an obscure – but very clever if we say so – Australian band reference as a title.

Anyway, back to the Holden. It’s a half car, half flatbed V8 mongrel that’s so manly just sitting in it would make you pregnant. Even if you’re a dude. Flickr’s Senator Chinchilla built this Model Team version of the Holden in less than 24 hours to limit his exposure, but if we were him we’d still take a trip to the pharmacy for one of those blue sticks.

You can see more of the Senator’s classic Aussie on Flickr – click here to go to the land down under.

Lego Holden Ute

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Beaut of a Ute

Lego Ford Model A Ute

This Ford Model A flatbed, or ‘ute’ for our Australian readers, is the work of Aussie builder Parrington Levens. Mr. Levens has utilised* some very old parts for his very old truck, and they look rather nice in this context. You can see more of this beautiful ute on MOCpages.


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