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Lego Holden Ute

This classic Holden one-ton ute is probably the most Australian thing this side of a hat with corks. But they don’t have wheels so this’ll have to do. Plus it’s also allowed us to write an obscure – but very clever if we say so – Australian band reference as a title.

Anyway, back to the Holden. It’s a half car, half flatbed V8 mongrel that’s so manly just sitting in it would make you pregnant. Even if you’re a dude. Flickr’s Senator Chinchilla built this Model Team version of the Holden in less than 24 hours to limit his exposure, but if we were him we’d still take a trip to the pharmacy for one of those blue sticks.

You can see more of the Senator’s classic Aussie on Flickr – click here to go to the land down under.

Lego Holden Ute

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