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Cream Dream

Lego Ford Hot Rod

This lovely Ford Model-A V8-engined hot rod comes from OutBricks of Flickr aka Kevin Heitke of MOCpages, and if you like his creation as much as we do then you can build your own, as he’s made a video tutorial of the instructions! You can check out all the images and find a link to the aforementioned build steps via the links above.

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75875 Redux

Lego 75875 Hot Rod Redux

Office favourite and regular bloggee _Tiler has returned with another beautifully photographed hot rod, this time loosely based on the official LEGO 75875 Ford Model A set, only with much, much more detail. Check out the full size image at _Tiler’s photostream via the link above.

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Model A Rat Rod


This year’s Creations for Charity event continues apace. It’s a great opportunity to help do some good via the hobby of Lego building (like reading this blog). It’s also a great opportunity to buy some brilliant models, designed by some of the top Lego builders from around the world. One example is this Ford Model-A pick-up hot rod from TLCB regular Tim Henderson, one of two vehicles he has donated to year’s fundraiser. Click the links in the text to view them and buy them.

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The Tudors

Lego Ford Tudor Hot Rod

The Showtime television show ‘The Tudors’ seemed to mostly consist of breasts interspersed with historical inaccuracies, but seeing as we quite like the former of these we’ll let it slide.

It didn’t feature any hot rods though, and we have no idea how the English royal family that came to power following the War of the Roses gave its name to modified early 1930s Fords, but sometimes the car world needs a good mystery. Is it as simple as it has two doors (Tu-dor)?

Anyway, whatever the logic, this Model Team Ford Tudor hot rod looks the business. BricksonWheels (co-author of The Art of Lego Scale Modeling reviewed here yesterday) is the builder, and there’s more to see at his photostream via the link above.

Lego Ford Tudor Hot Rod

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Speedy Chick

Lego Hot Rod

We’re trying to get through this post without making a nice ride / rod / your mom reference, but as we’re failing hard we’ll just jump straight to the link; You can see more of Tim Henderson’s Ford Model A ‘Mitzy’s Hot Rod’ at his Flickr photostream here.

Lego Hot Rod

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Two of a Kind

Lego Ford Hot Rod & F100

These two tasty looking classics were discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. Paul Kim is the builder, returning for his second appearance here at TLCB, and he’s constructed this ’50s Ford F100 pickup and matching Model A hot rod beautifully. You can see more of both models via the link above.

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Lego Ford Model A Hot Rod

MOCpages’ B. Rick (which we’d love to be his real name!) makes his TLCB debut* with a beautiful little Ford Model A hot rod. See more of his classic V8 roadster at the link.

*We think. B. Rick’s name isn’t conducive to an accurate search through our archives as our search engine returns almost every post we’ve ever published. Apologies Mr. Rick!

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Beaut of a Ute

Lego Ford Model A Ute

This Ford Model A flatbed, or ‘ute’ for our Australian readers, is the work of Aussie builder Parrington Levens. Mr. Levens has utilised* some very old parts for his very old truck, and they look rather nice in this context. You can see more of this beautiful ute on MOCpages.


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Group of the Month – Head Turnerz

Lego Rat Rod

It’s time for another trip into the online Lego community, as we resurrect the oft-forgotten ‘Group of the Month’ segment here at TLCB!

Much of the online Lego community is centred on Flickr; it’s a happy hunting ground for our Elves and is free from the ratings madness that blights MOCpages. Head Turnerz – one of Flickr’s most prolific vehicular groups – was founded there last year by a few ex-MOCpages users, and it’s rapidly grown to accommodate almost 100 members. We asked one of their admins to describe what the group is all about; “Head Turnerz is the group for LEGO car enthusiasts of all kinds, from stock standard to heavily modified and everything in between, Head Turnerz has it all!”

We’ve featured a number of creations from the Head Turnerz group here at TLCB, and both of today’s finds hail from one of the group’s monthly ‘meets’. Their February meet is all about hot rods & customs, from ’32 Ford Hi-boys all the way to slammed ’49 Mercurys, as demonstrated by Thomas Graafland‘s stunning rat rod above and Aaden H‘s slick ’30 Ford Model-A below.

You can see all of the group’s creations and join in the fun by visiting the Head Turnerz Flickr page here.

Lego Hot Rod

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Dust Trail

Lego Hot Rod Salt Flats

We’ve featured _Tiler‘s awesome BMW-powered Ford Model-A hot rod here at The Lego Car Blog before, and he’s recently released a few new salt-flat photographs that are too good to pass up. Based on a real 1928 Model-A Ford built by hot rod builder Mike Burroughs, _Tiler’s Lego version is one of the star mini-figure scale models of 2013. See all the new photographs on Flickr at the link above.


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Park ’em at Arkham

Last Man

The online Lego world is buzzing with the launch of Mr. Xenomurphy’s latest creation: Arkham Asylum. There are multiple photos on MOCpages and a comprehensive account of the building process on Flickr. Following a dearth of cars in recent posts, the Elves have undergone several compulsory sessions of “re-education” in TLCB’s own “institution”. It was therefore with renewed zeal that they ignored the soaring architecture, the gorgeous gothic lettering and the brick-built “Clayface” figure and homed in on the cars parked in the yard and the street.

Calin (_Tiler) is a master of building minifig scale cars. He has contributed two versions of his 1930s Ford Model A: a police car and a delivery van. Both have nicely smooth running boards and mudguards, which have been neatly attached, plus a great variety of angles of panels in their bodywork. You can see the first versions of these vehicles by clicking this link. The 1920s style Batmobile has been provided by Dave Kaleta, who claims that he is Batman on his Flickr profile. This single-seat roadster has the classic long, smooth bonnet but with a pair of bat-like ears on top of the radiator. Spot more bat-details by clicking this bat-link to Flickr or this bat-link to MOCpages.

DK Batmobile

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Ford BMW Hot RodThis utterly beautiful rat rod is the work of TLCB regular _Tiler, whose perfectly photographed creations continue to amaze us with their simplicity and grace. His latest work is a replica of Mike Burroughs’ BMW-powered 1928 Ford Model A, and it’s one of the best Town-scale hot rods we’ve ever seen here at TLCB. Check out the full gallery of _Tiler’s brilliant build here, and you read about the amazing real car on which _Tiler’s creation is based at the Stance|Works website.

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Little Wonders

Ford A 500w

In contrast to Doc Brown’s Technic Ford Tudor, which we featured yesterday, comes 1saac W.’s tiny Model A hot rod, also from 1932. You can see more of Issac’s cars, including his Dodge Polara Police car which we featured recently, on his Flickr photostream.

In the meantime some of the Elves have been looking a bit malnourished recently. The doctors suggested more oranges in their diet, so here’s the result. This mini monster truck is the work of LEGOLIZE IT MAN, on Flickr, who’s better known for his stylish spacecraft, with accompanying concept artwork. As well as a colour scheme and graphics similar to some of his spaceships, this little car features multiple stud angles and a pair of lightsabers as axles, attached to a chunky propshaft. See more at the link.

Legolize 500w

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