Super Duty

In the ludicrous arms-race that is the American pick-up truck market, there’s a sure-fire way to one-up the Raptors and Ram TRXs; the Ford F-650. Because it’s a truck.

Yup, of course there’s a ridiculous civilian version of the F-650 to cater to a certain flag-waving, firearms enthusing, election-denying section of America’s population, but thankfully we don’t have to feature that abomination here because regular bloggee Damian Z. (aka Thietmaier) has built the proper white trucky truck version, which is used across America to, you know, actually do stuff.

Damian’s is the flatbed configuration; no bling, all work, and it’s all the better for that. Clever building techniques capture the real F-650’s details perfectly and there’s more to see of Damian’s excellent Ford F-650 flatbed on Flickr. Click the link to do your duty.

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