Ukrainian Harvest

There has been no finer sight in 2022 than that of Ukrainian farmers pulling abandoned Russian tanks out of the mud during the Russian invasion and claiming them for the Ukrainian Army, having been deserted by their crews due to poor logistics, low moral, incompetent navigation, or all of the above.

Unless you’re a viewer of Russia-1 television of course, in which case the story is one of grateful Ukrainians helping the brave Russian tank crews in their noble quest to rid Ukraine of ultra-nationalist Nazis. Or some other bullshit.

Stefan Johansson is the builder behind this wonderful depiction of Russian military ineptitude / Ukrainian ingenuity, and there’s more to see of his creation ‘Spring Harvest in Ukraine’ on Flickr via the link.

You can also help the relief efforts in Ukraine required due to Putin’s war via the Disasters Emergency Committee and many others. Whilst wonderfully brave Ukrainians have indeed pulled abandoned Russian tanks from the mud for repurposing, an estimated twelve million Ukrainians have now fled their homes, or what’s left of them. If you can, help.

4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Harvest

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  2. Damsen

    It would be great if brainwashed lost idiots like you would not talk about things you have zero comprehension of.
    But seeing your ignorance in your post it would be nicer to keep your actual ‘BS’ to yourself.
    So you don’t further spread misinformation which will tomorrow just bite you back.
    Especially historic topics such as about a country or legit nation that exists far longer then yours and is one of the cradles of humanity.

    On top of that not mix toys with such topics. Keep your portal clean or just f–k off. The world doesn’t need your type. Never did nor it ever will.

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