Black Kitten

LEGO have produced some legendary vehicle sets over the years. The 8880 Technic Supercar. The 10220 Creator Volkswagen Camper. And, the all-time high of the Model Team range, the 5571 Black Cat truck.

Launched way back in 1996 and featuring and over 1,750 pieces, 5571 is now worth approximately a $billion, putting it well out of reach of even TLCB’s Editor, who – rumour has it – owns a private island entirely staffed by TLCB Elves.

Today however, we have a Black Cat that is rather more attainable. If a little smaller…

This ‘Micro Black Cat 5571’ is Flickr builder -Brixe‘s entry into a LEGO Ideas competition, celebrating 90 years of The LEGO Company. Instantly recognisable as a miniaturised version of the 5571 set (even without the printed tiles…), -Brixe’s model captures the aesthetic of the original model wonderfully, and you can check it out at both their photostream and at LEGO Ideas via the links in the text above.

Now, how does this writer get himself an invite to the island…

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