Beige Box

The early-’90s Lincoln Town Car. It’s daytime TV, your Aunt’s Facebook posts, and the Brothers Brick’s office party. If it were a food it would be a plain boiled potato. It’s lift music, a teenage girl’s Instagram feed, and a holiday with your parents’ friends. It is almost unfathomably unexciting.

Which means we think it’s excellent. At least, in Lego form. You couldn’t pay us to drive the real thing.

This fabulous Model Team recreation of one the single blandest vehicles ever devised comes from Flickr’s Jakub Marcisz, who has constructed the 1990 Lincoln Town Car in gloriously appropriate beige and brown magnificence.

Working steering, an opening hood, trunk and doors, and an interior of quite immense browness  completes the creation, and there’s a whole lot more of Jakub’s Lincoln to see at his photostream. Put on daytime TV, scroll through your Aunt’s Facebook posts, and head into a mindless void of mundanity* via the link above.

And if you like the mundane as much as we do, you can check out our recent Festival of Mundanity by clicking here. It’ll be the most boring thing you click on today. Unless you visit the Brothers Brick of course.

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