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Beige Box

The early-’90s Lincoln Town Car. It’s daytime TV, your Aunt’s Facebook posts, and the Brothers Brick’s office party. If it were a food it would be a plain boiled potato. It’s lift music, a teenage girl’s Instagram feed, and a holiday with your parents’ friends. It is almost unfathomably unexciting.

Which means we think it’s excellent. At least, in Lego form. You couldn’t pay us to drive the real thing.

This fabulous Model Team recreation of one the single blandest vehicles ever devised comes from Flickr’s Jakub Marcisz, who has constructed the 1990 Lincoln Town Car in gloriously appropriate beige and brown magnificence.

Working steering, an opening hood, trunk and doors, and an interior of quite immense browness  completes the creation, and there’s a whole lot more of Jakub’s Lincoln to see at his photostream. Put on daytime TV, scroll through your Aunt’s Facebook posts, and head into a mindless void of mundanity* via the link above.

And if you like the mundane as much as we do, you can check out our recent Festival of Mundanity by clicking here. It’ll be the most boring thing you click on today. Unless you visit the Brothers Brick of course.

Back to Bricks | Museum of American Speed Competition!

The Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, Nebraska looks like our kind of museum! Hosting some of the most spectacular and awesome looking cars from America’s racing history (some of which have appeared here in Lego form!), the museum also runs automotive events, including Cars & Coffee, Drive a Model T Experience, and – this month only – a Lego building competition!

Museum of American Speed – Back to Bricks Building Competition

“Stuck at home? Stay connected this Spring with the Museum of American Speed’s online exclusive Back to the Bricks Lego Build-off Contest. This interactive event is FREE and open to everyone! This is your chance to create your very own LEGO show car from home! Submissions will be judged online and the winner will receive a $100 cash prize along with your build displayed at the Museum for one year! Registration is open through 4/20/20.”

Submit your entries via the link above and you could you see your Lego model displayed alongside some of American’s greatest racers! Thanks to a member of the Lincoln and Omaha LEGO User Group for letting us know about this competition via our Facebook page.

The Dazzling Knight

Lego 1966 Batmobile

Kapow!! Batman wasn’t always dark and moody. There was a time when he was kitsch, flamboyant, and – let’s face it – more than a little bit camp, and this was certainly reflected in his choice of wheels.

Built by hot rodding legend George Barris the outlandish 1966 Batmobile was based on the 1955 Ford Futura concept car that Barris bought from the Ford Motor Company for the nominal sum of $1. In just three weeks he turned the old concept into what would become one of the most famous TV vehicles of all time, complete with turbo-electric drive (whatever that is), a Bat-scope (ditto), a mobile phone, reverse rocket thrusters, and a remote tracking system.

Flickr’s Ralph Savelsberg hasn’t managed to built that lot, but his Lego recreation of Barris’ masterpiece pays tribute to the Dark Knight’s gaudier days in superb style. You can see more of Ralph’s brilliant replica of the 1966 Batmobile, complete with Batman and Robin figures, over at his photostream – click the link above to light the Bat Signal.

It’s Hip To Be Square

Lego Lincoln Lowrider

This Lego Lincoln Lowrider was discovered on Flickr. It’s the work of Doc_Brown and you can see more here.

Continental Breakfast

Lego Lincoln Continental

TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg appears here again with this menacing 1965 Lincoln Continental. This car was apparently used in The Matrix, but to be honest we don’t remember any cars in the movie at all. Still, you can see more of this forgotten movie star on Flickr via the link above.