It’s Sci-Friday here at The Lego Car Blog, a minor space-based event that occurs whenever we remember that sci-fi exists and we can’t think of another post title. Cue the sci-fi!

The first science-fictiony creation (above) comes from Blake Foster of Flickr, who has reimagined his previous ‘Cargo Critter’ build later on in the craft’s life, wherein it’s a bit rustier, and a whole lot more cyberpunk. Jump into a rusty neon future via the link!

Today’s second sci-fi build is multiple creations in one, as yu chris expands his excellent space-in-a-box design that debuted with Classic Space to the villains of LEGO’s vintage space world; Blacktron.

Featuring a huge eight-wheel crawler base, several lunar rovers, spacecraft, and even a jail, all of which pack neatly inside a brick-built carry-case, it’s a the most play-packed space build we’ve seen yet, and you can join the fun via the link above!

And finally, today’s third sci-fi build comes from previous bloggee Rubblemaker, whose creepy ‘Symbiosis’ spacecraft harnesses the power of lifeforms for its propulsion. That mini-figure is no pilot. Still, at least he gets to see the universe whilst the life is sucked out of him! Head Rubble’s Flickr album via the link above and hope you’re not next in line for a journey through space…

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