City Cargo

LEGO have created an intricate Town/City universe over the years, with their own energy brand, postal service, and railway company. There have also been a number of cargo/delivery companies over the years, usually featuring some sort of box-and-arrow logo and mini-figures wearing humiliating uniforms.

Cue LegoMarat’s excellent Model Team flatbed truck, based on none in particular but inspired by many, and proudly wearing LEGO’s ‘City Cargo’ box-and-arrow logo from the City set range.

The lovely detailing continues with ‘wooden’ planks lining the bed, life-like wheel bolts and reflective strip decals, opening doors and a detailed interior, and there are more superbly presented images to see at LegoMarat’s ‘Lego Flatbed Truck’ album on Flickr.

Don your humiliating uniform and head to your next City Cargo delivery drop via the link in the text above.

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