We’re Jammin’

From kids not talking to one another except through social media, to deliberate misinformation, constant comparison, a mental health crisis, addiction to ‘likes’, the polarisation of debate, the threat of cancellation, and endless ‘influencers’ touting nothing but the lie that materialism leads to contentment, the world would be a better place if some of its signals were jammed.

Cue the ‘Teal 1’, a signal-jamming star-fighter collaboration published by previous bloggee Alec Hole, and designed to ‘interfere with transmissions’.

Complete with a crew of three, tilting engines, folding landing gear, and a superb landing pad built by fellow Flickrer Rogue Bantha, Alec’s signal-jamming spacecraft is an exquisite example of sci-fi creativity.

There’s more of the collaboration to see at Alec’s photostream; click the link above to check it out, and do the world a favour by jamming a few signals. We’d start by pointing it straight at TikTok.

*Today’s title song. Of course.

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