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2013 Technic Sets – Complete Line-Up

2013 Lego Technic Sets

The complete Q1 2013 LEGO Technic Range

Following our 2013 Set Previews, Utahlug have brought all of the Q1 2013 LEGO Technic sets together in one glorious image. Despite the fact that it’s seriously messing with our OCD (why isn’t 42000 in a box too… argh), we thought it was worth sharing. Unless you have OCD too, in which case, sorry. To see The Lego Car Blog’s Preview of each of the 2013 Technic releases, click on ‘News’ to the left of this post, or use the Search function at the bottom of the page.

Technic 42002 Hovercraft Preview

Lego Technic 42002 Hovercraft 2013

New for 2013; Lego Technic Hovercraft

Today another Elf returned from the secret mission set deep within the basements of The LEGO Group’s labs in Billund, Denmark. Tasked with uncovering the as-yet-unreleased 2013 Technic sets, our Elves have been snooping for pictures of the sets you’ll be able to buy next year. The second Elf to return (hot on the heels of the first scoop posted earlier in the week) entered the office grasping this; the new Technic Hovercraft 42002.

LEGO have dabbled in Technic Hovercraft sets before, with mixed results, and this one to our eyes sits firmly mid-table amongst its forebears. Like all the 2013 releases it’s a 2-in-1 set, which is basically a fancy way of saying there’s a ‘B’ model too. 42002’s alternative build is a small propellor plane, and both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ models feature a V2 piston engine powered by forward movement, and… not much else. But the new Hovercraft is pleasing to look at, robust and it looks quite zoom-able.

Stayed tuned for the remaining 2013 new releases!