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2013 Technic Sets – Complete Line-Up

2013 Lego Technic Sets

The complete Q1 2013 LEGO Technic Range

Following our 2013 Set Previews, Utahlug have brought all of the Q1 2013 LEGO Technic sets together in one glorious image. Despite the fact that it’s seriously messing with our OCD (why isn’t 42000 in a box too… argh), we thought it was worth sharing. Unless you have OCD too, in which case, sorry. To see The Lego Car Blog’s Preview of each of the 2013 Technic releases, click on ‘News’ to the left of this post, or use the Search function at the bottom of the page.

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Technic 42007 Moto-Cross Bike Preview

2013 Lego Technic 42007

New for 2013; LEGO Technic Moto-Cross Bike

Following some unusual generosity from TLCB Team towards our Elf-based workforce, normality has been restored by chucking a few of the little buggers over The LEGO Company’s walls in order to uncover the new releases for 2013. Today one of the ‘lucky’ Elves chosen for this mission returned to the office holding this; the 2013 Technic Moto-Cross Bike.

Resplendent in KTM orange, 42007 continues the decent return to form that Technic has been enjoying over the past few years. There are new dirt tyres, a V-Twin engine, all-round suspension via some rather lovely shock-absorbers, and some funky looking decals too.

We expect this to be a mid-entry in LEGO’s Technic pricing structure, probably being the lowest priced of the ‘proper’ Technic sets, with some ‘mini’ Technic sets slotting underneath it.

As the Elves find their way back to The Lego Car Blog Towers we’ll bring you sneak peeks of the other 2013 Technic sets, so watch this space for more posts in our ‘News’ category.

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