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You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby.


Welcome to The Lego Car Blog’s latest comparison of old and new Technic models; this time, excavators. Some genres of Technic model age better than others – a 1977 tractor is every bit as good as a 2012 one, and better than those in between – whereas others, I guess, just need a bigger parts palette to look and work right.

There’s a reason why excavator models were very rare from Lego until very recently, but it can be done with the old stuff. The blue machine in the picture above is built from instructions in the (completely wonderful) 8888 ideas book, published in 1980, and using only parts from that era. It’s movements are cunningly controlled using only racks and gears (lots of gears..) and it works OK, if not brilliantly. Cute, though. If it was a set from 1980, it would merit at least a 6/10.

Lego didn’t attempt an actual excavator set until the advent of pneumatics in 1984, with the 8851.


It’s the red beast on the left, and it looks like a step up from the blue one.

It isn’t. The problem was the early single-outlet pneumatic pumps. These extended under pressure, but returned via vacuum, controlled by a block of one way valves plumbed in between pumps and switches. This tortuous system had to be crammed in to 8851’s compact body, and unless you were VERY careful, there would be kinks in the pipework. (TLCB Top Tip: instead of using 8cm and 6cm grey tubes between the 3rd switch and the valve block, use 6cm and 4cm. They’ll be crushed a bit less.) It also made it that rare thing; a Technic model that’s not fun to build. Continue reading

2013 Technic Sets – Complete Line-Up

2013 Lego Technic Sets

The complete Q1 2013 LEGO Technic Range

Following our 2013 Set Previews, Utahlug have brought all of the Q1 2013 LEGO Technic sets together in one glorious image. Despite the fact that it’s seriously messing with our OCD (why isn’t 42000 in a box too… argh), we thought it was worth sharing. Unless you have OCD too, in which case, sorry. To see The Lego Car Blog’s Preview of each of the 2013 Technic releases, click on ‘News’ to the left of this post, or use the Search function at the bottom of the page.

Technic 42006 Excavator Preview

Lego Technic 42006 Claw, New 2013

New for 2013, the LEGO Technic Excavator Claw

Welcome to No.3 in our 2013 Technic Previews series, and this is the Big One. LEGO’s recent line in construction equipment has been excellent, and it looks set to continue with the 2013 release of 42006, the Tracked Claw Excavator.

Like many of LEGO’s previous offerings, the functions of the new model are enabled by LEGO’s linear actuators. This time there is no motor to power them (so expect lots of handle winding!), and as such this set should be cheaper than the preceding motorized models. It will be easily modified to take Power Functions parts though, so don’t worry if you’re winding hand is weak!

Sought-after parts include a new design for the four fingers for the grab, grey tracks and the return of the large Technic turn-table. Expect 42006 to be released towards the start of 2013, sitting mid to top of the pricing structure. Stay tuned for the final 2013 Technic set previews here on The Lego Car Blog, and to view the other 2013 sets posted so far, use the search function at the bottom of this page, or click ‘News’.