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Lego Saab 99

Another day and another entry into TLCB Summer Building Competition. TLCB veteran Senator Chinchilla has built what appears to be an old and slightly boring Saab 99.

But this Saab has a few surprises, for underneath there sits the engine and running gear from a Subaru, meaning this sensible Swede is an all-wheel-drive rally weapon.

Unfortunately for the Senator this combination is the wrong way round for our Elves, who are – as has been mentioned before – largely idiots, and therefore they judge a book wholly by its cover. And perhaps if it has pop-ups.

The Saabaru’s slick engineering may be wasted on our workforce, but TLCB staff appreciate the genius that lies beneath. If you’re smarter than the Elves you probably want to take a look too – join us by clicking on the link above to Senator Chinchilla’s photostream.

Lego Subaru AWD