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Kongs in a Cart

This is not a car. But it is Donkey Kong (and Diddy Kong) riding in a motorised mine cart, which means it’s absolutely getting blogged.

Built by Peter Zieske, Donkey and Diddy’s cart is based atop a LEGO train motor, meaning an entire mine track could be constructed for it to traverse…

Whilst we dream of that you can check out more of Donkey Kong’s cart at Peter’s ‘Donkey & Diddy Kong album’ via the link above!

Get It On Like Donkey Kong

Lego Donkey Kong

The brilliant Creations for Charity 2015 is well underway, and this equally brilliant Donkey Kong racer by Flickr’s 6kyubi6 is now available to buy! All of the money raised is used to purchase LEGO toys for underprivileged children this Christmas – get involved and do something amazing; click here!

Creations for Charity