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Gas Station Contest on Eurobricks

danthaman11's Octan Gas Station

Alas, no official set either: danthaman11’s Octan Gas Station

Gas stations, filling stations, servos – the dinosaurs of the petrol age are still a popular LEGO subject. Disappointed that the Gas Station at the Copenhagen Toy Fair won’t be an official set, Eurobricks user Lego City Mann has proclaimed a contest named “The Servo Showdown!” It’s not an official EB contest (although it is hosted there), and we think it’s a rather nice idea.

“Get your imagination fueled”, as Lego City Mann puts it, and join the contest on Eurobricks.

We’d like to take the opportunity to feature danthaman11’s amazing Octan Gas Station on TLCB which, whilst not involved in the contest, should give you plenty of inspiration.

It Came From Outta Space…

Eurobricks Sci-Fi

Eurobricks’ Sci-Fi Competition now on!

January heralds the arrival of the first major contest of 2013. Our friends over at Eurobricks have been watching too many Sci-Fi movies over Christmas and have channeled this nerdiness  creative energy into a competition for the whole month!

The full details of the Eurobricks Sci-Fi contest can be found at the forum here, and if you need any encouragement, the below prizes should help! Good luck!

Eurobricks prizes

Eurobricks’ January ’13 Sci-Fi Contest Prizes

Eurobricks Contest: Summer of Friends

Summer of Friends – Vehicle Contest

A couple of Lego Car Blog Elves returned from Eurobricks today with information on their latest MOC contest, “The Summer of Friends”. The competition has three categories, one of which is for Friends-related vehicles, perfect for you lot.

As Pandora, one of the organizers, puts it: “For this category all you have to do is build any type of Friends inspired vehicle of any size, as long as it is minidoll scale.”

So get cracking. We’re looking forward to seeing many great Friends vehicle MOCs! For further information visit Eurobricks here.