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Green Day

Claas Arion Tractor

Basket Case

With 2013 just round the corner, The Lego Car Blog Elves detained over Christmas were re-released last night. Their search for 2013 is unchanged from 2012; to find the best car-related LEGO creations, news and groups on the web. After a period of hunger and boredom whilst locked in their cages they do seem rather keen to earn themselves some dinner. As such today we have three great MOCs to share with you right out of the box. By coincidence, or through some kind of Elf pact, all today’s posts are on the green side.

The first (above) is this stunning Claas Arion tractor from Flickr builder thietmaier, complete with mowing attachments. View more at thietmaier’s Flickr page or on MOCpages.

Lego Rocket Launcher

Know Your Enemy

The second MOC of today comes from Andy L on MOCpages. Based on a childhood toy, Andy’s truck is a 1950’s rocket launcher platform. It really fires rockets too. See more at Andy’s MOCpage via the link above.

Lego Porsche 964

Hitchin’ a Ride

Our final Green Day post is from a TLCB regular; the incredible Malte Dorowski. Famous for his beautifully detailed Porches, Malte sees out 2012 in style with this absurdly green RWB Porsche 964. Underneath the curves the MOC features working suspension and steering, plus one the most detailed interiors we’ve ever seen. View more of Malte’s stunning cars by clicking the link above.

And with that we end our green-themed finale to 2012. Thank you for your readership, comments and suggestions during the past year – we look forward to hearing from you all in 2013, where we’ll continue to bring you the best LEGO cars on the world wide web : )