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Salvage in Space

Lego Space Ship YardThis incredible photograph was found by one of our Elves on Flickr, and put simply this could be the sci-fi creation of 2013. Built as a collaboration between Si-MOCs and Ricecracker the scene consists of two spectacular spaceships either side of a 3ft high ‘space wreck’.

The ships’ function is one we’ve previously not seen explored in Lego before; the dismantling and recycling of end-of-life spacehips. Given this is such a well documented and widespread industry for sea-going vessels it’s surprising that no-one has made the leap into sci-fi with it until now.

Over to Si-MOCs to explain both the process depicted above, and the features of the year-long build:

“RS Industries deploys several scrap fleets to salvage derelict SHIPs in space. The RS HUDSON is a demolition class scrap vessel – when docked with floating wrecks, the RS HUDSON has a retractable arm which is capable cutting into hulls of SHIPs.

Cubes are cut out and sent to waiting Dumpships which transport the raw cubes to the RS UNWIN which continues to process the cubes further. Refined materials are loaded into cargo containers ready for shipping.”

The RS HUDSON and Space wreck (aka Space rock, aka ice house) are the two largest LEGO structures I have ever built, it has been almost a year long journey with Isaac (Ricecracker) who conceived of the idea of SPACE wreaking SHIPs. Through many ramen meals the idea of a pair of SHIPs came together.

The SHIP is about 180 studs long, and the wreck/rock is like 3 feet tall. The RS Hudson has a NXT (for the ‘arm’) and two powerfunctions (front conveyor belt and engine pulsing), the wreck/rock has one (for glow fluctuation)- which takes a combined 24 batteries to operate.”

To see more of this astonishing build, visit the image above on Flickr here, where you can find links to further images and video content.

Lego Spaceship Salvage