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Thunderbirds are GO(NE)!

Lego Thunderbird 3

Poor Alan Tracy. Left alone in space to man the Thunderbird 5 space station, in love with the beautiful Tin-Tin who’s back on earth, and having given up a career as a championship-winner racing driver, the youngest of the Tracy brothers seems to have got the bum deal. Well, apart from John of course, who has to wear lilac.

Still, Alan does get one perk, and it’s a good one – for he gets to pilot the insane Thunderbird 3 space rocket. Pictured here blasting off from Tracy Island, it appears that Alan and his brothers are abandoning earth for good. Maybe they’ve had enough of Donald Trump. Whatever the reason, it’s a spectacular scene containing some absolutely stellar building techniques, both in the wonderful recreation of Thunderbird 3 and the superb Tracy Island buildings and scenery.

Monstrophonic of Flickr is the brains behind it and there’s more to see of his jaw-dropping creation at his photostream. Click the link above to start the famous countdown. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Thunderbirds are GO!

Lego Thunderbird 3

John’s Out Of Bog Roll Again…

Lego Thunderbirds

Sigh. ‘Alright’, groans an exasperated Alan, ‘I’ll take him another pack.’ ‘But tell him to go easy on the freeze-dried curry this time’ he adds.

The most pointless of the Tracy brothers, orbiting the Earth in Thunderbird 5, is about to get some more cushiony softness courtesy of his long suffering sibling, and Thunderbird 3 pilot, Alan.

This humongous Lego recreation of the Tracy family’s spaceship was discovered on Flickr. It’s the work of Gary Davis who is clearly rather stunningly talented with a Lego brick. You can see more of his incredible model at his photostream – click the link above to launch.