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As long-term readers will know, over the past two years we’ve been running the Master MOCers Series, in which we’ve interviewed the very best Lego vehicle builders anywhere in the world. In fact, if you were trying to score highly in Google’s page rankings you could say something like they’re the Top 10 Lego Car Builders Ever! Fact*.

With our final Master MOCer inducted into the Hall of Fame last month we now need a new series to fill the (rather large) shoes vacated by our Master MOCers.

So starting soon – and working in partnership with a popular Flickr-based Lego vehicle group – we’ll be bringing you a multi-part series showcasing the all-time Top 5 builds in a variety of Lego categories.

We’ll reveal more details in due course, in the meantime – and to neatly Segway towards the exciting new series – remind yourself of the Top 10 Lego Car Builders (fact*) by clicking on the link below.

The complete Master MOCers Series

The Top 10 Lego Car Builders Ever!*

(*This may not actually be a definite fact)