Twin Turbo Daf

Daf Racing Truck

We want to know where VFRacing gets his stickers from!

Discovered on the Eurobricks Forum, and resplendent in Daf Racing colours complete with all 729 sponsors, this Dakar Rally Truck by VFRacingTeam is a rather brilliant looking machine. It should be brilliant to drive too, being powered by a complex array of LEGO Power Functions kit and based on a chassis design by Efferman (which means it’s good!). Visit the Eurobricks forum for more.

2 thoughts on “Twin Turbo Daf

  1. Edwin Korstanje ,alias VFracingteam

    Best Lego Car blog,
    Thanks for the comments. On the White liftarms I used a printeble clear sticker and on the blue liftarms a normal high gloss printeble sticker, and spent a lot of time on Google finding out the sponsors, although because this model is of a 1987 truck I did’t find all the logos.
    Greets Edwin


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