Technic 42000 F1 Racer Preview

42000 Lego Technic F1 Car

The 2013 Technic F1 Car. And an awful carpet colour choice

This ladies and gentleman… ok, probably just gentlemen, is the new 2013 Lego Technic F1 Car, scooped 5 months ahead of launch. Somehow this briefly appeared on an eBay account (the owner of which is now probably sleeping with the fishes), and as countless college girls will testify, once something appears online, it’s there forever.

The 2013 release uses the new 5-digit numbering system and a few new pieces too, including re-shaped and smaller Technic plates, and some pieces in previously unreleased white colouring.

We think that 42000 will sport the usual array of Technic functionality, including a V8 piston engine, pushrod suspension, working steering, and the now common gearbox-controlled-functions-but-not-actually-a-gearbox feature. This is likely to control the rear wing (DRS?!) and openable engine cover. The colour scheme to our eyes looks a bit like the old BAR racing cars, although perhaps a bit messier, but the retro ’71’ roundel looks ace.

Expect to see the new Technic F1 car reach stores in Spring of 2013 (April-ish for our readers in the Southern Hemisphere), by which time we’ll know a lot more about it and the other 2013 Technic releases.

Lego 42000 F1 Car

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5 thoughts on “Technic 42000 F1 Racer Preview

  1. twohorse602 says:

    Woah! Someone’s gonna get fired… it looks somewhat messy – 8461 Williams is easier on the eye. Good scoop, though.


  2. thirdwigg says:

    It does look a little messy, but I am happy suspension is part of the design.


  3. […] we previewed LEGO’s 42000 F1 Racer some months ago, because we’re awesome, but we’ll be posting an updated Preview as soon as the slovenly […]


  4. […] actually previewed this set already, because someone (probably now an ex-LEGO employee) put one up for sale on eBay a few months ago. However, we thought it was still worth bringing you some high quality […]


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