In the Tub…

Lego Tug Boat

Giant rubber duck just out of shot

We all had a few bath toys when we were little. A rubber duck. A soap-carrying hippo. A submarine. But best of all were the tug boats.

This stupendous example by VFracingteam might require a slightly bigger bath though. At a meter long and 28cm wide it’s absolutely packed with details, and possibly caused a brief world-wide shortage of Technic lift-arms. We’ve featured a few ships like this one here on The Lego Car Blog, as the technique of building watercraft from smooth Technic becomes more commonplace, and this is perhaps the best yet. To see more visit the discussion on Eurobricks, or visit VFracingteam’s Brickshelf gallery.

Now that reminds us, time to catch the Elves for their monthly dip.

2 thoughts on “In the Tub…

  1. Edwin Korstanje ,alias VFracingteam

    Many thanks for blogging me again.
    The build of the RPA 15 from the Port of Rotterdam was fun to build, it has a very difficult design and shapes in liftarms, and gave my brain a lot of work, but that I like to make every next moc better. I have now only been building with lego for 15 months after 26 years of dark age, and when I was a kid I didn’t make MOCs, only sets.
    I like studless Lego a lot and now that it have many limits with this buiding style, but when I can give it a good model team look and no holes in sight, I am hapy.
    I hope my next moc is even better.
    A lots of greeting


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