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Mack Mystery

Here at The Lego Car Blog we love hearing your suggestions when our Elves may have missed a blog-worthy creation. However we do also receive self-requests, which we politely decline. This week though, we received an unusual email to our direct mailbox from a builder wishing to share their model with us, but not wanting the fame/glory/riches/girls that obviously follow when someone’s creation is published here.

We pondered this, and decided that we would grant their request to publicise their model anonymously, as… well, we’re anonymous too*. It also helped that the model is spectacular.

This gorgeous recreation of the Mack RL700L from the movie ‘Convoy’ comes from, er… we can’t say, and it is near perfect replica of the movie star truck. Complete with accurate decals and incredible detail throughout, it’s one of the finest truck builds of the year so far, with presentation further enhanced by a ‘Convoy’ appropriate desert background.

There’s more to see at, wait… no there’s not. However you can click on the images here to see them in a larger scale and you can check out the summary/trailer from the 1978 film in which this truck featured by clicking here.

*We have enough trouble declining countless offers of affection without the intense celebrity that would doubtless occur if we weren’t anonymous here.

Convoy Picture Special

Lego Mack Truck Convoy

A few weeks ago one of our Elves discovered a creation on Brickshelf built in a style we thought we recognised. After posting the model here the builder got in touch to confirm they were indeed who we thought they were, and that they had returned. Chris Melby might have been away for while, but he’s back with bang!

Lego Rubber Duck Convoy Truck

Chris then sent us images of his finished Mack RL700L truck ‘Rubber Duck’ from the movie Convoy, and it’s these that we can exclusively share with you today. Measuring over 50 inches long and containing over 8,500 bricks, Chris’ Mack with tanker trailer is one the largest trucks of the year so far.

Lego Mack RL700 Truck

You can see all the imagery, and read the details of the RL700L ‘Rubber Duck’ build, by visiting Chris’ excellent new website zmasterbrick.com. Many thanks to Chris for providing us with the photos for this publication.

Lego Rubber Duck Trailer

In the Tub…

Lego Tug Boat

Giant rubber duck just out of shot

We all had a few bath toys when we were little. A rubber duck. A soap-carrying hippo. A submarine. But best of all were the tug boats.

This stupendous example by VFracingteam might require a slightly bigger bath though. At a meter long and 28cm wide it’s absolutely packed with details, and possibly caused a brief world-wide shortage of Technic lift-arms. We’ve featured a few ships like this one here on The Lego Car Blog, as the technique of building watercraft from smooth Technic becomes more commonplace, and this is perhaps the best yet. To see more visit the discussion on Eurobricks, or visit VFracingteam’s Brickshelf gallery.

Now that reminds us, time to catch the Elves for their monthly dip.