F-105D Thunderchief

The largest single engine, single seat plane ever made.

The Elves have been watching war movies again. This leads to much noise and many objects being thrown in the office, but also the chance of them finding something rather special when out on patrol across the interweb.

Something like this in fact. TLCB favourite, Ralph S (aka Mad Physicist) returns with this huge F-105 Thunderchief. Originally designed to carry nuclear bombs (its payload was greater than the four engined dedicated bombers of World War 2) it was pushed into service during the Vietnam War fulfilling a number of roles. Unfortunately for the pilots, a large and unwieldy supersonic bomber is not the best weapon for fighting light and agile MIGs, and almost half of the 800 F-105s built were lost during this single conflict.

Due to the loss ratio approaching 50% the F-105s were rapidly withdrawn from service, to be replaced by the F4 Phantom. To see more of this aeronautical relic take a visit to Ralph’s Flickr page at the link above.

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