Technic Defender

Lego Technic Land Rover Defender

The best 4x4xFar

There’s more to our title for this post than it may appear. You see, with the arrival of smooth Technic beams and smooth LEGO curves, which admittedly are far better suited to modern cars than the old square elements, something in Technic building has been lost.

Remko Kleinveld on MOCpages reclaims the old-school chunky studs-up building style with his beautifully constructed Land Rover Defender. And what better vehicle to build in an obsolete no-nonsense style than a Defender? Soon to be replaced by something sleeker, more efficient, but probably not as cool, it’s the perfect metaphor.

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One thought on “Technic Defender

  1. zacslego says:

    I think this is awesome!!!!!!!


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