Seriously Huge Investment in Parts

Lego Ship GabonWe’re coming to the end of a ridiculously busy week here at TLCB. Originally when we started this humble website we envisaged an average of a post a day, but the last week has seen so many brilliant models uploaded that we’ve been publishing around three times this. Some of the more successful Elves are even starting to look a bit portly…

So, before we slow it down a bit next week we thought we’d wrap up our busiest week so far with something a bit special; VFracingteams‘ astonishing Technic ship, the SL Gabon.

‘SHIP’ is slang in the LEGO Community for a ‘Seriously Huge Investment in Parts’, and it’s safe to say the SL Gabon fulfils this, being one of the largest models we’ve ever publicised.

VFracingteam also very kindly agreed to an interview by TLCB, and he becomes the third builder to feature in our ‘Master MOCer’ series. You can read all about his Lego journey and the amazing SL Gabon ship in his interview here, or by hovering over the ‘Interviews’ tab of the main menu.

3 thoughts on “Seriously Huge Investment in Parts

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  2. Emma

    I find this blog very interesting, even if I`m not good with cars or anything related with I always was attracted by this topic and I love seeing every day pictures with lego cars because I encourage myself to try doing this, just try 🙂


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