Honey, I Shrunk the Unimog

Lego UnimogThe Elves, told yesterday to include more oranges in their diet, have taken the advice to heart and as such one of them brought this back to The Lego Car Blog office today. Promptly rewarded with an orange Smartie (they’re the best kind) the happy Elf has wandered off to find other orange things and we’re free to elaborate on this rather brilliant creation.

The work of [Maks] on Flickr, it’s a Town scale replica of LEGO’s own superb 8110 Mercedez-Benz Unimog set, to date the largest and most complex Technic set produced. [Maks] has recreated visually all the working aspects of the 2,048 piece Technic original, right down to the grab attachment on the rear-mounted crane. To see more of this superb mini-‘Mog click on [Maks] name, and you can read The Lego Car Blog’s review of the 8110 Technic set via the hyperlink above or by typing ‘8110’ into the Search function at the foot of this page.

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