“My Mother Warned Me About Getting Into Cars With Strange Men”…

Lego Batman Batwing Dark Knight Rises…”This isn’t a car”. We continue our run of movie vehicles with this; the superb ‘Bat’ from The Dark Knight Rises, built by LEGO genius Sariel on MOCpages.

Powered by LEGO’s Power Functions motors and LED lights it’s probably the coolest creation we’ve featured this month. It’s not the first Bat Wing built from little plastic bricks though as that accolade goes to the equally brilliant Mahjqa. Both builders have devised ways for their creations to ‘fly’, but they take rather different approaches. See how Sariel achieved it in his video via the first link, and watch Mahjqa’s film in the second. Neither fixed the autopilot though.

Lego Bat Dark Knight

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5 thoughts on ““My Mother Warned Me About Getting Into Cars With Strange Men”…

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    “This isn’t a car…”


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