Hump Day Motorcycle Special

Lego Motorbike Harley Davidson

The Elves are fiercely competitive creatures. They have to be, otherwise they won’t win any food tokens from TLCB staff. Whilst this occasionally leads to fights/riots, it can also lead to a bumper haul of similar creations. Today is one such event, so here’s our Mid-Week Motorcycle Special!

First up is BricksonWheels’ magnificent Harley Davidson, available to view on Flickr and MOCpages. This black ‘n chrome ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Street Glide continues BricksonWheels’ recent run of motorcycles, and you can check out its predecessors by using the Search function at the foot of this page.

Lego Motorbike Fat PigThe second creation in today’s special swaps chrome for Technic and was discovered by a lucky Elf on MOCpages. Bernhard Mollema‘s motorcycle, nicknamed ‘Fat Pig’*, puts the awesome wheels from the 8448 Supercar set to a great new use. Check it out at the link above.

Lego Motorbike Hard TailThe final creation in this Hump Day Special was suggested to us by one of our readers via the Feedback page. This mean looking Hard Tail, nicknamed ‘Widowmaker’ (it seems you can’t build a motorbike without giving it a name!) is the work of Jonsson on the Eurobricks forum. See the pictures and join in the discussion at the link, and if you’d like to suggest a creation take a look at our Submission Guidelines here.

*Your Mom.

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