Mr. T

Lego Ford Model-T

The Elves are still hard at work, despite the miserable weather outside The Lego Car Blog Towers. Today’s find, by an Elf who’s now pegged up by the ears near a radiator to dry out, is an unusual model in Lego form.

We’re not really sure why Ford’s Model-T is overlooked by the Lego-building community, what with it being one of the most numerous (and famous) cars ever produced. Brickshelf’s solic helps to give the vintage vehicle some plastic recognition with his superb Technic Model-T truck. It comes compete with authentic leaf sprung suspension, Power Functions control and a working piston engine. See all the photos on Brickshelf at the link above.

Technic Ford Model-T

3 thoughts on “Mr. T

  1. Erik

    Hello Mr T Im wondering if the plans or a assembeld kit or just a kit and some plans can be purchased from you. I really like this model TT


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