Retro Rally Renaissance

Lego Rally Car

This gloriousy retro looking rally car is the work of  Arran Hearn aka ‘Delta Triangle’ on Flickr. Mr. Triangle seems to have taken all of our favourite bits from all of our favourite late ’80s and early ’90s rally cars and chucked them all into one stupendous model. It’s safe to say the whole office wants this. A lot.

Check out all the photos of this marvellous creation and congratulate the inspired builder behind it on Flickr here.

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6 thoughts on “Retro Rally Renaissance

  1. This is not a random rally car build. It looks like a model of a Peugeot 205 t16, a Group B rally beast that competed between 1984 and 1986 driven by the likes of Ari Vatanen and Juha Kankkunen.


    • Arran Hearn says:

      Really stoked, my second car on the Legocarblog : )
      @Michael Stewart Johnson Indeed I pulled alot of inspiration from the Turbo16 in my opinion one the best racing paint jobs of the era. The original direction was one more of vw golf mk1 (My favorite). There is also alot of Lancia present for me –

      Also been a big fan of Juha Kankkunen since a young age after seeing him win Rally Australia in Perth in ’93 and doing doughnuts in the center of the city, however that was in a Toyota Celica GT-Four.


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