It’s FebRovery again! For the third year running builders on Flickr have been spending the dark February nights coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful space rovers. As well as building the models, part of the fun seems to be in writing the stories about the function of the vehicles. The “Churn-O-Matic” has some very unusual “wheels”. According to its creator, halfbeak, these enable it to travel the surface of a planet which is basically covered in custard. You can see more FebRovery fun by clicking this link to the group.

2 thoughts on “Churn-O-Matic

  1. Dr Asp Menace

    Why did we post this? The Lego Car Blog team arrived at work today to find that the executive jacuzzi had been filled with custard by Elves doing a test drive. We might not be posting anything today, as we have to get custard out of the water pumps.


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