Big Bucket

Lego Technic Cat Excavator

This enormous Caterpillar 7495 HF bucket excavator was uncovered by a group of very excitable Elves on Flickr (a few weeks ago actually, when it wasn’t quite finished, so this is an updated post). It’s the work of LEGO-building genius Konajra, a man who’s featured here on TLCB a few times in the past with his incredible ships and Town scenes, and he’s now added technical-brilliance to his already expansive building skill-set.

Contained inside the Caterpillar’s wonderfully realistic body is an extensive range of Power Functions components which are used to control all the major aspects of the excavator’s movements. The Elves thought this functionality was great fun (at least the ones at the controls did), but with several of their colleagues smushed into the office carpet and others deposited on high shelves from which they had no hope of descending, the controls were swiftly taken away and returned to Konajra.

You can see more details of the Caterpillar, including an insightful ‘naked chassis’ shot by clicking the link to Flickr above.

Lego Cat Bucket Excavator

11 thoughts on “Big Bucket

  1. Konajra

    Thanks for blogging this but it is far from finished, I still need to add the operators cabin, the bucket door, airfilters and the contraweight. Add all the railings etc.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Konajra

      Thanks for stopping by. Apologies, we only realised after posting this that there are bits still to do (you can tell we’re better with cars!). We can either a) remove this post and re-post when your model is finished or, b) leave this post up and update the picture to the final version when it is ready?

      TLCB Team

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