Volkswagen ‘Garage Life’ Picture Special

Lego VW Transporter Garage

Today’s post is something a bit special. Andrea Lattanzio (aka Norton74) has appeared here at TLCB several times with his hugely impressive European trucks, and most recently with his beautiful adaptation of LEGO’s 10220 Volkswagen Camper. His modified 10220 repurposed the original set as a canvas covered pick-up for Volkswagen Service, and Andrea has now constructed a stunning workshop to compliment his original model.

Lego Volkswagen Transporter Pick-Up

Entitled ‘Garage Life’, Andrea has recreated everything found in a typical workshop to exceptional detail, including every fitment, amenity and tool. Highlights include a Lego compressor, engine hoist, pillar drill, jack, rolling tool box, broom, axle stands, stereo system, sink with hand wash…

Lego Volkswagen Garage

You can see all of the details above plus plenty more besides by visiting Andrea’s enthralling Flickr photostream or MOCpages account. Which is where we’re off to now. See you there…

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