Terrifying Tetra-Track Trio

Lego Classic Space Tetra Trio

The blood-alcohol level is still pretty high in TLCB office today, so rather than trying to come up with something clever to say about this superb Classic Space trio by Flickr’s Billyburg, we’ll hand this post over to the builder himself;

Tetra-Track Micro: For those times you want to go for a space walk, but don’t want to use your legs – and because Segways are so last year.

Tetra-Track Mini: The ‘go-to’ solution for all those small space bases and outposts, and for those too cheap to buy the bigger model.

Tetra-Track Midi: Made from bits of scaffolding, old tank parts and recycled double glazing. Loved by the crews for its staggering good looks, supreme handling and load carrying capabilities.

What Billy said. See more at the link above.

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