Liberty Walk

Lego Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia

As a rule staff at The Lego Car Blog do not like exotic ‘tuning’ companies. Catering for the rich but utterly tasteless (of which there is burgeoning population world-wide), they modify vehicles that took $billions to painstakingly develop over many many years, but which can apparently be improved with stick-on carbon fibre and some new badges.

However, last year there was one exception to the rule – the utterly gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia by Liberty Walk. Flickr’s Aaden Hughes thought so too, and he’s recreated the remarkable car from our favourite plastic blocks.

Unfortunately though, for every car like Liberty Walk’s 458 there are at least ten like this, this or this. And they all seem to be German. If you win the lottery, you know what not to do!

5 thoughts on “Liberty Walk

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  3. Edric

    I have to disagree with that rule. Let people do what they want to their own car as long as if it’s not harming anyone


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