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Like all fans of Lego*, The Lego Car Blog Elves love a good swooshing session every now and then. Of course it’s not much fun if you’re the unfortunate Elf who is being swooshed at the time. There is no finer sight in the eyes of our happy little helpers, than one of their motion-sick colleagues flying across the editorial offices, spraying vomit as he goes. The Lego Car Blog executive jacuzzi has been used as a clean up facility after several of these sessions and is therefore a tax-deductible necessity and not a luxury item. A team of excited Elves has just returned from the Starfighters Group on Flickr, making “Pew! Pew!” noises and swooshing a hoard of finds.

Simon Liu

The Starfighters Group started a competition in July, which continues this month, for “Small Starfighters”. The builds must be of mini-figure scale and fit into a 14x14x6 stud box. Builders have come up with some neat designs, ingenious folding mechanisms and some clever ways of presenting their 14x14x6 boxes as hangars and transporters.

At the head of this post is Steebles’ “EDF-10 Basilisk” powered by an “electrospray” engine. Next up in our post is Simon Liu’s “KG-7 Tigerfish” which he describes as, “a chubby and unfortunately disaster prone craft that, even after four iterations, was still terrible.”, a bit like our fatter elves. Featured below is one of the Classic Space and Blacktron inspired builds, Automaton Pictures’ “G-3 Infiltrator” . Click this link to visit the group, see more brilliant builds and find out who wins the contest.

Automaton Pictures

*Okay, so most of the Elves are only in it for the Smarties and Meal Tokens.

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