They’ve Saved the Best Trip For Last…

Lego Back to the Future Part IIIBut this time they may have gone too far.

In 1990’s final* instalment of the superb Back to the Future franchise the ageing DeLorean needed a little help in hitting 88mph. Flickr’s Irwan Prabowo – making his TLCB debut – has recreated the famous Back to the Future Part III movie ending sequence wonderfully in micro-scale. You can see more of Irwan’s mini DeLorean time machine and the 1885 steam locomotive pushing it at his photostream via the link above.


4 thoughts on “They’ve Saved the Best Trip For Last…

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Nils

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Whilst we suspect there are only so many ways to build a 4-wide DeLorean (or car of any make), the creation featured here does look very similar to yours.

      Unfortunately though, we can only share the information that the creator chooses to divulge.

      We think you can be proud that elements of your design are good enough to be borrowed by other builders (if that is what’s happened here), but of course you can raise this with the builder featured via the link in the blog post.

      All the best

      TLCB Team

      1. nilsobrix

        Of course, I’m proud if one of my creations is used for further development of a model. It’s absolutely OK, as long as the source of the “inspiration” is named.

        In this case the builder had added credits on one photo of a previous creation, but forgotten to add them on the actual creation.

        I have two models, a VW T1 and a Shelby Cobra, on which I combined various ideas from different builders with my own ideas. I always try to mention all of them and expect the same from other builders…

        Anyway, it’s not the fault of your team when a builder “forgets” to mention his/her “inspiration” for a creation that is posted on TLCB.

        Keep on rocking the Lego car scene! 🙂

        Best wishes,

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