Futures Friday

Lego Space Launch

An almighty clang travelled up the office stairs from the Elf cage room today. A weary trudge down to uncover the source revealed an Elf of unusual flatness, and another sheepish looking Elf trying to push a stolen colander under one of the cages.

The cause of the conflict, as is often the way with our Elves, was competition. Two Elves, each with a spacey find, and the perception of only one available meal token reward. It’s survival of the fittest here at TLCB Towers.

Fortunately, and somewhat unnecessarily for the squashed Elf, both finds are deserving of a place on the blog today, and thus each Elf could be rewarded with sustenance. So we have two happy Elves (well, two fed Elves, one is still quite grumpy), and two creations to bring you.

The first (above) is the work of Flickr’s Lego Junkie, and he’s taken a trip back through Classic Space (although with a touch more ethnic diversity than was found in the ’80s range) and created this most excellent starship, launchpad and support vehicle. Click the link above to see the individual builds in more detail.

Our second creation comes from another Classic Space specialist, the wonderful Crimso Giger. Crimso’s ‘Zorg Light Tank’ is quite a thing to behold. We have absolutely no idea what it’s for, but we feel that way about most sci-fi builds so that’s not unusual for us. Flickr is once again your destination for more details – click the link above to be taken there.

Lego Sci-Fi Tank

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